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Welcome to the Greencoat Website. "Greencoats" are the security workers employed by the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety. On the website you will find the special events schedule. Greencoat employees can sign up for or request a substitute for an event.



Using the new site is an easy process. Click the EVENTS button in the menu to see a listing of events.



Click on an event to sign up.

If there are availble positions, there will be a place to enter your name, phone number, email, and a "codeword."

The CODEWORD is any word you choose. It is specific only to this single event sign up. The reason for the codeword is if you need to request a substitute. Only you, with your codeword, will be able to put yourself on the sub request list.

If you need to request a substitute for an event you signed up for, find the event in the event list, and click the title name for more details.


You will be asked for your CODEWORD, so that only you will be able to request a sub.

Remember, you choose your own CODEWORD unique to each event.