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Special Events

The Special Events Unit coordinates and assists with planning for any special event on campus that involves our Department. Special events may be anything from a major sporting event to special needs parking for special situations. Currently, special events across campus that we are involved with have increased to over 1300 events per year.

Special Event Parking

Those attending special events should park in designated event lots as signed and as directed by event staff. A special event fee may be charged at the lot entrance. Some event lots are reserved for those with special passes. Visitor, employee and student permits may not be valid in the lots during special events. Payment of the special event fee will be required to park. Event schedules are maintained by MSU Athletics, Breslin Center and Wharton Center. For information on disabled parking areas and transportation during special events, contact the Parking Office at (517) 355-8440 during business hours or (517) 355-2221 after hours.

Student Organizations' Events

All student organizations hold events on campus at Michigan State University. The University requires that all Student Organizations hosting an event (such as a dance, concert, comedy show, fashion show, or physical competition,) that will be held at a Michigan State University owned building, must complete an "Activity Planning Form" or APF.

The Activity Planning Form can be picked up at Student Life Center located at the Student Services Building, 556 E. Circle Dr, Room 101. A representative of the Department of Student Life will indicate which University offices will need to review the plans for your event and the required University facilities and services provided by that office. A signature from a representative of the University office will indicate that the plans for your event have been reviewed and that the services and facilities are available.

The Activity Planning Form must be signed by a Special Events Supervisor before any event will be authorized to take place on campus. It must be approved 21 days before the event. Most events will require Greencoat security. Greencoat security is billed out to the organization at $19.00 per hour, per Greencoat. Some events require police officers present and police officers are billed out at their overtime rate. Traffic workers for parking related issues are billed out at $13.50 per hour, per traffic worker.

Student Event Staffing Guidelines

The Michigan State University Police Department has the sole responsibility for providing the police and security function on the campus. This means that groups or organizations may not contract with any off-campus agency for policing, parking, or security of events held on campus. Police and security needs must be discussed with this department and if it is determined that a need exists, our agency will provide such services. Most times this will mean a cost to your organization. Special dispensation has been granted by President Simon to eliminate the University’s fringe load cost on overtime charges for police officers for student groups only. All other organizations must incur this expense. In addition, a total of up to four officers per night may be assigned to a student function(s) at no cost to the organization. These officers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, it is best to begin the planning process as soon as possible.

Many factors determine the need for our services and we will work with the organization in an effort to make the event as safe and secure as possible at the lowest possible cost. Determining security needs is not an exact science and we consult with the venue managers prior to making the final decision on police and security staffing levels. Listed below are some of the factors used to determine security needs:

Special Event Officers

Lieutenant Mills
Officer Riggs
Officer Fadly


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